Unique Mailboxes for your unique needs.

Unique mailboxes come in all shapes & sizes. I don’t consider them to be novelty mailboxes. Unique mail boxes can be high quality, high design, traditional or commercial. I guess I would classify our mailbox in the unique category.

Our old mailbox did not look very good. It had a separate plastic newspaper tube next to it too. I wanted something that combined the newspaper and the mail into a cleaner look.

Bottom line? We wanted a mailbox that would make a good first impression. We like simple design that isn’t to decorative or ornate.

I like this one because it has a built in hidden newspaper compartment under the mailbox. The support bar doubles as the newspaper compartment under the mailbox.

Good design may cost a little more, but in this case I think it’s worth it.

The Mailbox Works
and Mailboxixchange have nice selections to choose from.

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