Starting a Business from Home with SBI websites.

Interested in starting a business from home?

Why Not Profit from Your Passion

A business set back or blessing in disguise? When new home construction started to slow down I began to think about my alternatives. After looking into a number of options I came across SBI.

SBI stands for Site Build it! and helps you turn your hobby, passion or skill into an online business.

Starting a business from home can seem quite daunting. SBI makes it possible. Their system helps me put my knowledge and experience to work 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Choosing my best website concept was not as obvious as I first thought. Brainstorm It! and Niche Choose It! showed me the best path for my particular business, revealed some surprises, and helped me make the right choice.

Monetize It! helped me choose the best monetization options for my website concept. Creating a monetization mix will help you maximize your site's profitability and ensure long-term growth.

SBI websites have a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. It's a risk-free decision that you can make with confidence and peace of mind.

I've never built a website before this one…so it can be done. Yes, it’s a lot of work up front, but if you’re doing something you love it doesn’t feel like work. I now have 1,000's of new website visitors every month that are looking for related information on this site.

SBI websites make it possible to compete and rank high on the internet.

Exterior-Home-Improvement-Ideas has risen to join the top 1% of web traffic. Be sure to check it out (use

Want to know how I make money?

    (1) Have you seen the Ads by Google on this site? That is one way I earn income from this site. When visitors click on the ads I get paid.
    (2) Another way is companies pay to advertise on certain pages related to their product.
    (3) I also get orders for home redesigns.

Are you interested in creating a new income source? Do you want a website that attracts lots of new visitors every day?

Dr. Evoy realized that the average business person needs more than some information in books, no matter how good. S/he needs both the C T P M process and an all-in-one Web site hosting, building and marketing suite of tools that enables them to execute the process flawlessly. To this day, Solo Build It! is unique.

Ken Evoy provides a rare level of dedication to his customers. He's extremely active in the Solo Build It! forums with over 5000 posts to date. He makes a tremendous personal effort to help people succeed and is highly passionate about helping people build businesses online. Anyone who owns Solo Build It websites can benefit from this extraordinary Internet business visionary.

If you're retired or thinking about it here's a story about extra income you might like. Jose and Jill are 61 and 56 with an RV website.

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