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Star Nosed Moles in the lawn can be an unpleasant surprise in the Spring. They can destroy your lawn and curb appeal in no time.

That’s what happened to us when the snow began to melt. My wife Jill noticed it first when she looked out our kitchen window and saw 4” to 6” piles of dirt scattered over our backyard. They look like piles of horse droppings, (a bad sign).

When I went out to inspect the damage there were tunnel trails leading out over the lawn like connect the dots to each pile.

These trails will turn into dead grass in contrast with the rest of the lawn when things turn greener.

The Solution

I had a trap that I bought years ago, but had never been successful with it.

I did some asking around to find out what worked best. The answer came back Tomcat Mole Killer. So I bought a box and declared war in my back yard. I didn't start it, but I was going to finish it.

Moles look for food in their tunnels. I followed the detailed instructions and watched for any further activity. It’s been a week now and I believe I’ve won!

I raked all the dirt and stepped down all the trails and haven't seen anymore activity.

Basically you put a small hole in an active tunnel. Then you put the worm shaped bait in the hole and close it back up so no light comes in.

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We didn’t have this problem for many years because we treated our lawn with (Milky Spore). It’s a Grub control product that eliminates their food source. You drop a teaspoonful on the lawn about every 6 feet. In our case it lasted about 4-5 years.

Another well known prevention product is's designed to last one season.

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