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Are you looking for sheds and outdoor storage?

We went through the process of finding a shed a few years ago. The sheds available through stores at that time were not what we wanted.

We wanted a wood shed with a roof that matched our house.

As my wife and I were out for a Sunday drive we saw a newly built shed by the road. There was a sign with a name and phone number on it so we called.

In a few minutes the owner/builder came to tell us about the sheds that he builds with his teenage son. He said they cut their own lumber too.

I told him I liked the over-all look of his shed, but asked if he would custom build one that was similar with a few changes.

He said they build them at their place and then move them to the site. The largest they would build was 8’ x 12’. I wanted a little bigger shed, but I was willing to except the smaller size because I liked what I saw.

We had just put new shingles on our house so I was able to order the exact shingle for the shed.

Early on a Saturday morning about two weeks later they came with the shed on a trailer. They backed it into position, leveled it and were done within 45 minutes.

I felt like a kid with a new toy. The rest of the day was spent emptying the garage and loading the shed. (I like the idea of a garage that’s empty except for the cars.)

I’ve since run electricity to the shed, painted it, put cement pavers in front and added a weathervane to top it off. It’s quite visible from the house so I wanted it to have a nice look and feel.

Well it’s been a few years now and my garage is filling up again. I need to get more storage or have a garage sale.

I’ll be writing about and adding more sheds including:

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  • Sheds USA

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