Roof Mold - 5 Steps to a Clean Roof

Roof mold has shown up on our roof in the last couple of years. If left untreated it can lead to many roof problems, which the experts at ABC Roofing can fix.

It's not just about the appearance. Mold can shorten the life of the shingle.

I read about cleaning roof mold with a power washer, but I wanted to try something a little less aggressive. Power washers can shorten the life of the shingle if you're not careful.

I took these before and after pictures to show what I started with and how it looks now.

Since the shingles on the shed are the same as on our house I figured the shed was a good place to test and learn.

The shed roof has a number of things going on. It has green moss on the left and black streaks on the right. The roof has stayed nice and clear (mold free) just below the copper weathervane, interesting.

I’ve since learned that Zinc does the same thing. You can buy it in rolls and put it at the top of your roof once it’s clean. It will help keep the roof clear of mold.

Here are 5 steps I used:

1. I bought inexpensive outdoor bleach cleaner to try first. (There are a lot of products to choose from at different prices.)

2. I watered the plants and then covered them with a tarp to protect them from the roof cleaner.

3. I used a two gallon sprayer and mixed about 1/3 cleaner with 2/3 water. I sprayed it on and waited 15 minutes.

4. Then I cleaned it off with the jet spray setting on my hose along with some hand brushing.

I was pleasantly surprised how much better the roof looked with only one application. It was about 90% better than it was before. The black mold seemed to be the most difficult to clean.

5. After the roof dried I repeated the process one more time.

The results speak for themselves.

Here's a tip when you think you're finished. Hose down the tarp and the area in general. I didn't and my grass was not very happy for about a week.

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