Reliabilt Doors – Review

Reliabilt doors come in prefinished steel or fiberglass in the mid price range...easier on the pocket book than some brands.

I did some checking and found out that Lowes sells these doors.

The steel doors are less expensive, but fiberglass is becoming more popular as prices drop. They won’t rust over time either.

  • The fiberglass comes in smooth or oak grain finishes.
  • The steel comes only in a smooth finish.

I like it when I have options to choose from and Reliabilt has them. I was impressed with the number of colors and finishes available. The glass panel designs give you lots of choices too.

The handcrafted artisan glass is sandwiched inside 2 panes of glass. So you end up with 3 layers of glass. Some seam concerned about bugs getting in between the glass panels. There’s a 5 year warranty if that eases your concerns.

The doors come with energy efficient insulated glass and weather stripping…ready to install. You’ll need to choose hardware separately.

If you’re a DIYer you can order the door unfinished and do it yourself just the way you like it.

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