Rain Gutter Guards

Rain Gutter Guards became necessary when leaves and seeds kept collecting in our gutters. I couldn’t stay ahead of them as our trees grew larger each year.

It was to the point that I was on the roof three or more times a year cleaning gutters.

A down-pour helped us make the decision to fix the problem. Leaves clogged the gutters near the down-spout so most of the rain came over the gutters.

We ended up with water in the basement so then something had to be done.

We got prices from three different companies. We were shocked at the price of the first two estimates. They were in the thousands... then we found out about GutterGenius.com. Their price was much more reasonable.

Here you can see I took a couple pictures of the installer while he was on the roof. He made it look easy. He had the project finished in no time.

We had him put larger down-spouts on too. We wanted to make sure we had the problem solved.

As seen on TV. Little Giant ladders.

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