Porch Flooring

You need to consider the type of porch flooring you want to have when you are building a new porch or remodeling an old one. Ezydeck is a modular system of interlocking exterior porch tile. You can easily install it over any existing flooring - even concrete. With many designs to choose from, you can create very unusual patterns in your floor. If you do get tired of the pattern, all you have to do is take up the tiles and lay them again to create another pattern. The tiles click together and form a sort of floating floor.

If you want to have real wood on the porch floor, Southern Pine is the one most often used. Because the porch may be exposed to the weather, the effect of moisture coming in constant contact with the wood may be of some concern. This is where Southern Pine excels. It has a built-in resistance to rot and insect infestation and the wood you buy is pressure treated to withstand the effects of moisture.

When choosing wood, you do have to look at the size and the grade. These factors have to depend on the amount of exposure that the porch has to the outside. If there is no roof protection, then you may have to add a further preservative treatment to ensure the wood is thoroughly protected. For an inside porch, the recommended flooring generally has a thickness of 1 to 1.25 inches, while outdoor porches require thicker wood. To make things easier, most homeowners apply the finish to the wood before they start the installation process.

Since the wood used for porches is tongue and grove, it is easy to install. Simply fit each board together when you install it and then nail or screw it to the base. You will need to have a hammer and a saw as well as a tape measure to fit in small pieces and to fit in corners and around pipes.

Written By: Ken Wilssens

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