Pella Storm Doors

Even though Pella Storm Doors have an attractive selection of door designs including glass, colors and handles…when I think of storm doors I think of an obstructed view of the front door. I know there are a number of practical reasons why people put them on their home.

  • They help keep the hot or cold weather out.
  • They provide light into your home.
  • When using the screen they keep the bugs out while letting the fresh air in.

When Jill and I redid our front entry we took our ugly storm door off. We haven’t had one for years. The upside of that is a clean simple unobstructed view of our front door. The downside is we lost the light and fresh air you get from the storm door.

O.K. maybe we were wrong… maybe the older I get the more practical I’m becoming. Today if you choose a good full-view storm door design, they are less obtrusive and show more of the front door.

With the choices and options available through Pella Doors we just might reconsider a storm door and let the sun shine in again. ;)

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