Mission Style Outdoor Lighting

We chose mission style outdoor lighting for our home.

We had decided to replace the original brass lights that were on the house when we bought it. We could have spay painted them, but the style of the lighting was not what we wanted on our home.

After shopping around online Jill found these lights. Theyoriginally had a light green patina look when we put them up. A few years later we spray painted them a dark brown when we changed the colors on our house.

The lights needed more color contrast to stand out against the new siding color.

If you see the lights you want, but not the color you’re looking for consider spay painting them.

I took these night time pictures as well as daytime to show the difference. We like the warm color cast by the amber glass.

You might have noticed one drawback to the flat top design. The light is in a protected area and this turtle dove must have thought it was a great place to nest. :-)

Unfortunately it was right next to the front door and couldn’t stay. Visitors startled the dove and the dove startled the visitors. You'd be surprised how much of a mess they make too.

Each Spring it’s the same thing over again. I need to come up with a solution or try a different light.

Update 2010

Its spring 2010…in the photo here you can see what we’ve been up to. My wife found this bird ornament and put it on top of the light. When she saw birds attempting to build another nest on our light this spring she thought it was time to try her new approach.

Previously she tried a box of nails, but they built right over it. We then tried a paint can and that worked because it was so close to the ceiling there wasn’t enough room to build a nest. Of course it didn’t look very nice so we wanted another solution.

Well I thought you’d like to know the bird ornament worked! I guess the birds understand territory. :)

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