Mahogany Exterior Doors
My Review

Mahogany exterior doors are a popular choice. We have a mahogany door that is custom made. I drew up the design that I wanted and had R & J Raven Corporation build it for us.

There was a builder grade standard steel door on our house when we bought it. We wanted to upgrade the look of our front door and I noticed some very nice wooden doors on new homes in our area.

We originally thought we wanted a cherry wood door. When we talked to the door company they recommended mahogany. It is a stable wood that can handle the weather quite well.

The positives about our mahogany wood door:

Our wood door adds a warmth and natural quality that I love. Neighbors and people passing by quite often make positive comments.

The negative about wood doors:

The finish on the door needs to be maintained every couple of years depending on what kind of weather it’s exposed to.

Our door was originally finished with 2 coats of (Minwax Indoor/Outdoor Helmsman Spar Urethane, clear satin.) I use it every 2 or 3 years to keep the door protected and looking good. I usually need to touch up only the lower part of the door.

Our door faces north. You can see the range of weather our door is exposed to. I think we had this door installed about 1998. The door as you see it here is about 10 years old.

Whether you decide on a prebuilt or custom door I think mahogany is a good choice.

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