LED Outdoor Lighting
Creates Atmosphere

LED outdoor lighting is becoming more and more popular. These lights create attractive landscaping layers as well as walkway lighting. Low voltage lighting around your patio makes a nice evening atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors too.

My wife likes the natural candle style lights. There are a lot of styles to pick from…they come in all shapes and sizes ranging from free standing stake & post lights to rope lighting and everything in between. They're available in quantities of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 per box.

Some have a solar panel on each free standing light and others come in groups of lights that are wired to one solar panel.

The advantage with groups of lights attached to one solar panel is an important option when deciding what you want. If you have a shaded area where you would like to add lights you can put the solar panel in the sun.

I’ve seen free standing lights with their own solar panel on top that did not perform well. They didn’t have enough sun exposure during the daylight hours. So think about your landscape area and plan ahead to help decide what works best for you.

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