by Jenny

First of all I would like to thank you for offering this opportunity to undecided homeowners such as my self. My husband and I cannot seem to agree on a redesign that compliments both our tastes, but one thing we can agree on is that our home needs some major curb appeal. We have a small budget and therefore would benefit from Photoshop redesign such as yours. This would let us combine our likes and see what the end results would look like before we invest our money. Our home was built in the 70's and is similar to many homes in this area. I like the old world, rustic, mediterranean look while my husband likes the cape cod, traditional look. Although I like the above mentioned styles, I am not sure they would work with our home without compromising the architecture and ending up a redesign flop. We both like soft sand (tan) colors for the base, and some small pillars with stonework would be nice. As well as stained concrete or another inexpensive look like slate for the walkways. My husband has talked about adding accent shutters to the front window, and I would like a pergola in that area. I know what your thinking..."this is an eclectic mix" and honestly that's a good way of describing me..."eclectic" I like a little bit of everything. My husband has been great in letting my imagination and ideas run wild inside the house and I would love to have both our ideas implemented in the exterior design. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope you can help!

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