Italian House Plans - Tuscan Charm

It’s easy to see why Italian house plans are one of the leading searched for home styles. (Also referred to as Tuscan house plans)

(Along with this Italian home description I've included other very popular styles for inspiration.)

Italianate style homes started appearing in America in the 1830”s. They continued to gain in popularity up to the late 1800’s.

In recent years this style has been experiencing a revival. The romantic idea of rural Tuscany charm captures the imagination.

Typical features on these homes included:

  • a Circular staircase in a tall tower
  • Groupings of straight or round headed windows
  • Porches or arched loggias
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical plans
  • Low pitched roofs
  • Wide bracketed eaves
  • Cupolas
  • Smooth stone, wood clapboard, stucco or brick
This sophisticated old world style continues to capture the hearts of many.

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