How to Build a Porch

How to build a porch… Here are the steps (the process) we went through to get our porch/sunroom/deck built. Before we could do any building there were a number of things that needed to be done.

Step 1

I knew I would need a builder. I’m pretty handy, but I know my limits. I had been talking with friends of ours about how to build a porch. They were adding an addition to their home and were pleased with their builder so they gave us his name.

Step 2

I did some measuring and drew up the plans that I wanted built. (Most people would probably have someone do it for them, but it’s something I enjoy.) We got estimates from three different builders.

Step 3

We chose the one who was recommended by our friends because he was also the most reasonably priced. I told the builder I wanted to do some of the work to help keep the cost down. We set a schedule with the builder to get the process started.

Step 4

It was nice to work with a licensed builder who knew what was needed to get a Construction Permit including a Foundation Plan, Wall section, and Property Site Map.

Step 5

I got started with what I could do by tearing down the old deck. Then I measured and dug the new footings for the post and beam construction. Each hole was below frost level 42” below grade allowing for 6”x 6” Wolmanized Posts and Premix Concrete.

I had all the holes ready before the builder came to get started.

Step 6

Lumber was delivered and the builder showed up the next day. The framing is an exciting part to watch. Things take shape quickly. Within a short time the roof was up and shingled.

Step 7

With our porch/sunroom/deck design the next step was windows and siding. Some siding needed to be reordered, but it would take to long to get to our location. In order to keep the project going we decided to use cedar siding which was readily available. The builder along with his subs finished the sunroom interior included electrical, insulation and drywall.

(My wife had kept the crew happy by offering donuts and cleaning up each day. She wanted to stay on their good side so they would show up each day and get it completed.)

At this point the builder and his crew were finished and I would later follow up by adding a tile floor, wood trim and paint the interior to finish the room.

Step 8

I added the deck/porch flooring with the help of my father-in-law. We had to pre-drill every hole because we chose Brazilian Redwood decking at the time, which is a very hard wood. Our old deck flooring just didn’t hold up to the weather so I wanted to make sure we had something that would last. Today there are some new choices in decking material that I would consider.

Step 9

I painted the siding & trim… and to finish it up I added the screens to our porch.

Step 10

We added furniture to relax and enjoy our brand new porch.
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