Choosing Our
Exterior House Paint Colors

Jill and I wanted to freshen up the exterior house paint colors of our home a few years ago. The previous color was looking a little tired and faded.

I had painted the house once before and I was thinking it should have lasted longer than it did.

The first thing I did was check Consumer Reports to see which exterior paint ratings were the best.

I decided if I was going to go through the time and trouble…I wanted an exterior house paint color that would last. I didn’t care if it cost a little more.

The smart choice was California Paints rated #1. I had not heard of it before and I could only find it available in a paint store that was 13 miles away. It was not the closest store, but I made up my mind I was going to use this top rated paint.

As it turned out, choosing the paint brand was the easy part. Finding and deciding the right color was the hard part. I thought a darker siding color would help make some of the details on our house stand out…so it wasn’t good enough to just paint it the some color again.

I’m a perfectionist. After going through a lot of samples and holding them up to our house next to the brick, I drove to the store to get some small cans of paint samples.

We narrowed it down to the one we thought would work best and I drove all the way back again to get a gallon of paint. I wanted to paint the front of the garage before I committed to enough paint for the whole house.

After finishing the front of the garage our neighbor gave us positive feedback…but that wasn’t good enough. Jill trusted me with the decision so I decided on one more color adjustment.

I went back to the store, bought another gallon of a new color. After painting the front of the garage a second time I finally found a color we both liked.

Now I could go back to the store and buy the rest of the paint I needed to do the whole house. Thankfully with California Paints this job will last a long time.

If you think this is a lot of hassle you’re right. Doing the actual painting is the easy part.

But you don’t know the rest of the story.

The process I just described to you is an improvement from what I did in my 20’s. I’m in my 50’s now, but in my 20’s I painted our whole house before I decided I didn’t like the color…and then started over. :-)

If you’re thinking of changing the paint color of your home…take some time to figure it out before you commit to the whole house. It’s the most important part of the process. Your local paint store is a good place to start.

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