Exterior House Colors

Exterior house colors can be a real challenge for someone who doesn’t do it every day.

When we repainted our house a couple of years ago...we wanted to find a color that worked with our existing brick color (brown), our roof color (green) and Terratone window frame color.

The existing siding color on our house was a light neutral called Stone Lion. I had used it on the siding of a previous house with white trim and it looked good. This same color didn’t seem to work as well for the siding of our new house.

For our new color scheme we still used the Stone Lion, but as the trim color. Then it was just a matter of finding a siding color that worked with all the other colors and materials.

We went through a lot of samples and painted a number of colors on our house before we settled on one. I found I needed to paint large areas to get a good feel for the overall look.

I wanted to take the time to find just the right color for our home before I went through all the effort of painting the rest. It took a little extra effort, but I couldn’t resist catering to my perfectionist tendencies to get it right.

I mention it to encourage you. I work with colors when I do architectural renderings, but it’s different when you’re picking colors outside for a large area.

It’s a good idea to limit the number of colors to three. Check out paint swatches at your local store. They have coordinated colors pre-printed into color schemes to help you get started.

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There are a lot of magazines and books to inspire exterior house colors and ideas. (House Colors: Exterior color by style of architecture by Susan Hershman) is a good book if you’re looking for resources.

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