New Exterior Home Design
Before and After

We had fun with our new exterior home design.

Our before and after experience started with an existing ranch home that was 8 years old. My wife and I liked the overall layout, but the curb appeal needed a little help.

The list of visual decisions we made to our house grew over the years. (Keep in mind the neighborhood you live in.) I don’t necessarily recommend getting as carried away as we did.
Here’s a list in approximate order of what we did.

  • We removed the storm door and steel front door.
  • Added a custom made mahogany door. It was a priority to me. It’s the first door your visitors come to.
  • Added new shingles and changed shingle color (the old ones where not put on right so they blew off. Our house was inspected when we bought it, but it wasn’t discovered until a couple years later.) Fortunately our insurance did cover part of the replacement cost.
  • We changed the color of the house. I didn’t care for all the brown.
  • Installed a new more attractive garage door… I wanted more windows to balance out the front of the home. I think it has a friendlier feel to it.
  • Added new shutters…I felt the old ones weren’t the right size for the windows and needed to be proportionally larger. The wrong size shutters on windows is one of my pet peeves.
  • Re-painted and changed the house color again a few years later.
  • Made flowerboxes for 2 windows.
  • Poured a new front sidewalk to our front door and added planters on each side.
  • Added more landscaping

As you can see…our home design evolved over the years. My wife likes things nice and I'm a recovering perfectionist. We don’t always know when to stop. There’s more to the story … I’ll expand on it in the future.

This list is meant to give you some ideas to think about and help you plan for your own exterior home design.

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