Exterior French Doors

Exterior French Doors are usually thought of as hinged patio doors. They’re also available as sliding doors with traditional French style wide panels.

When we were deciding on which hinged patio door to buy for our addition, we saw that there were a lot of options to think about.

We knew we wanted a single swing door and possibly a 2x2 grille pattern.

Some of the other options were:

  • Exterior color - we wanted to match our existing windows
  • Interior finish - unfinished wood so we could match our interior finishes
  • Low-E insulated glass
  • Hardware - Andersen has some great choices in hardware. (we chose the Tribeca)
  • Door swing - Do you want your door to swing in or out?
Two of the better companies are Pella and Andersen ...you'll see many details there to help you decide. We chose Andersen, available through Home Depot, because our existing windows were Andersen and made for an easy color match.

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