10 Easy Home Improvement Projects

When it comes to easy home improvement projects there are a lot of things you can do. It depends on what your home needs and what you think is easy.

The list I have here is for exterior home improvements. The first five involve editing or replacing things on your home.

1. Storm doors – If you want to improve your front entrance consider eliminating your storm door to show off your newly painted front door.

2. Change lights – Update the lights on your home. Also, consider the scale of your lights. Are the old ones to small, as well as outdated?

3. New house numbers – Do your old numbers need to be cleaned up and painted or is it time to replace them? There are a lot of choices to pick from.

4. A new mailbox can help dress up your front entry without a lot of work…unless your mailbox is at the street where a new post might need to be replaced too.

5. Shutters – Do your shutters need to be painted? Do they need to be replaced?

6. Paint your garage door to freshen it up. Maybe even consider a new color that compliments your home…just to change things up a bit.

7. Flower boxes can add interest to your homes curb appeal. You can buy them pre-made or if you’re handy you can create your own like I did.

8. Power wash your home or use a bucket and long handle brush.

9. Prune trees – If they’re young it’s quite simple. If they’re mature that’s a different story.

10. Edging your driveway and sidewalks adds a finishing touch to your newly mowed lawn. There’s nothing like taking care of the details to create a crisp clean finished look.

That’s my list of easy home improvement projects. You could pick one or two a week and be finished before you know it. You might even think of more!

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