Curb Appeal

The quickest way to improve the value of your home is to add so-called curb appeal to your home. The subjective judgment of your home's value is based on its appearance from the street. As prospective buyers drive by your home they are essentially, "window shopping."

And as any retailer can tell you, if the customer is not impressed by your display, he or she will not come in. You can improve the street appeal of your home by doing five simple things:

  1. Spruce up the landscaping.
  2. Repair sagging porches.
  3. Remove or replace old fences.
  4. Paint your door and trim.
  5. Clean and repair old driveways.

Sprucing up the landscaping begins with trimming trees and bushes that have grown out of control or block the view from windows. Hedges should also be trimmed to appear uniform and well manicured. Finally, pull the weeds and fertilize the grass. Your overall attempt here is not to spend a fortune on landscaping, rather, you want to create the impression that the yard is neat, clean, free of any junk or trash, and is well maintained.

Sagging porches are an eyesore and tell prospective buyers a lot abut the structural integrity of your home. Take a close look at your porch from the street. Is the roofline square with the house roof? Are the steps, rails, and floor boards sturdy and in good repair? As in landscaping, your porch is immediately visible from the street and can provoke a powerful positive or negative impression of your home.

Robert Frost taught us that fences make good neighbors, but an old fence can also destroy your home's curb appeal. Over time fences lose their beauty due to loose boards, leaning posts, broken gates, and weed growth. If your fence is beyond repair, you may be better off totally removing it.

The guys at A Better Fence Construction have some simple, yet attractive Wooden Fence Designs for a brand new wooden privacy fence in your backyard.

Short of repainting your entire home's exterior, it can pay you dividends in the form of enhanced curb appeal to at least paint the front door and the window and roof trim. Keep the color traditional and be sure to clean up any paint smudges or spills. Doors can also be improved by changing worn knobs with impressive looking brass knobs and knockers. You may also want to replace your house address numbers with oversize numbers that tastefully contrast with your trim paint.

Does your driveway look like the Exxon Valdez ran aground in front of your home? Cracked and greasy driveways and sidewalks are a major turnoff to homebuyers. Remove any broken down or unsightly vehicles from the property, repair cracks and fissures in the concrete, and clean the oil spills with an environmentally friendly degreaser.

Curb appeal is considered one of the top ten factors in home valuations. Before listing your home for sale, ensure the landscaping, porches, fences, paint, and driveway are cleaned and repaired.

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