Creating Curb Appeal - Are you looking for curb appeal ideas?

Creating curb appeal begins with a welcoming front entrance.

When we bought our home, one of the first things we focused on was the steel front door. We didn’t like it so we replaced it with a wood door and removed the storm door while we were at it.

A less expensive alternative would be to paint the existing door. Never the less we enjoy all the compliments we get with our mahogany door.

Our house numbers, mailbox and lights were on the list too. In our case we replaced all of them.

In some cases a roof over the front door with columns is needed to add character and architectural interest. Our entrance didn’t need this so we saved money there.

Picket fences are irresistible to some who have an idealistic view of what they want their home to be. Fences can add charm that creates an inviting look & feel to your home. It takes only two or three sections to set the tone.

We didn’t add fencing to our home, but haven’t ruled it out.

We added colorful landscaping; edged our lawn and trimmed our trees. These combined details added up to make a big difference.

They can take you a long way to improving the curb appeal of your home too!

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