Copper Mailbox - a classic curb appeal upgrade.

A copper mailbox has a beautiful natural quality that is hard to improve on. When you care about architectural details, these mailboxes make a great first impression.

Mailboxes are a prominent curb appeal feature that is often overlooked. Whether the mailbox is on your house or at the street, they are very visible.

When you’re making curb appeal improvements to your home, copper is a material that upgrades the look & feel of your home.

There are a variety of finishes. I personally like the patina finish that develops over time.

When copper is not top coated it naturally weathers to an aged patina. It is described as a shade of green similar to the Statue of Liberty. This natural process can take a number of years.

There are some who like the polished look which is done with a coat of lacquer. It maintains the newly installed shiny copper look that some prefer.

It will feel good to see how amazing your home looks with an attractive mailbox up front. They are like jewelery for your home. There are some great choices above.

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