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Chamberlain Garage Door Openers offer a range of openers to pick from. We have a (Chamberlain Lift Master Professional Formula 1, model 3280). It was installed along with our new Clopay garage door.

Our experience is that it’s quiet and a reliable ½ horse power belt drive opener. It has a motor vibration isolation system (MVIS) designed for reduced noise transfer into our home.

Features Include:

  • 200 watts of light
  • Safety & Security Protector System with sensors that project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening.

Accessories Include:

  • Multi-Function Control Panel
  • 3-Button Remote Control

We’re very happy with how our opener performs.

Chamberlain now offers a laser parking accessory too. They’re great!

Each time my wife or I park in the garage we’re able to put the car in the same spot. They make it easier for efficient use of the garage space and room for opening car doors.

It beats the old tennis balls on a string I had hanging from the ceiling.

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