by Aimen Shahzad
(Lahore, Pakistan)

This is where the porch goes in!

I live in a colony that plays host to countless houses, all of which are absolutely identical in shape and size. Due to obvious reasons, my home badly needs a redesign.

Changing the original red brick work of the house will cost an arm and a leg. Moreover, such an action is a disregard of colony laws. Hence, my plan is practical and shall pose no problems.

Since I live in a compact house that is approximately 9 marlas, the garden is close to nonexistent. It mostly houses Mother?s favorite plants and creepers. The window of the drawing room overlooks this area.

The perfect way to remodel the house is to get rid of that window. I have considered replacing it with an old fashioned English porch that shall alter the look of the place completely. A door instead of the window shall lead directly into the drawing room. My plan also includes painting the wooden porch in a warm shade of brown that will bring out the color of the red bricks. I want a wooden bench or a small swing to be placed in one corner of the porch to give the place an official old English look.

The garden cannot be neglected when a porch is to constructed by it. I have deliberated on removing the extensive growth of foliage and re- tiling the area in shades of brown. A couple of benches to the right of the porch will look chic and be perfect for dining outdoors.

This particular design will surely highlight the individuality of my house and bring out a new side of it that visitors would love to acknowledge.

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